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Farm Animals

Almost five years ago, we moved here with two dogs. Today, we are over run with farm animals.  Somedays we have no idea what we are doing with them but we are learning as we go.  Some of our animals are for pure enjoyment and some of them are for food.  We take care of all of them to the best of our ability, giving them a wonderful home while they live at the Rockin' S~Squared Farm.


Riviera Xtra Xtra is Jonah's Hanoverian show jumper.  
She's a gorgeous mare standing at 17.3 hands high.  
Yes, she's a big girl!

Laying hens ~ 20 or so (I can never keep count).

Jacob Sheep
 We have a small flock (around 20) of Registered American Jacob Sheep.  Jacobs are two or four horned sheep and are used for meat as well as wool for spinning yarn on our farm.  For more information on this heritage breed see our flock page, Red Farmhouse Jacobs

Our newest adventure ~ Italian Bees for pollination and honey.

Our Huacaya Alpaca provide fiber for spinning, as well as entertainment!

Simon & Garfunkel
and Gladys

Guard Llama
Rikasha ~ the guardian of the sheep & calves. 
He's always on duty.

Boer Goat
Brownie ~ a pet goat that thinks she is a dog.

Golden Retrievers

Tuff & Sammie

and last but not least 
a "Barn" Cat